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EOLC Cleaning Services

At EOLC Melbourne we specialise in "Once Off Cleaning" for end of lease cleans, move out cleans and move in cleans. Unlike regular domestic home cleaning where a cleaner comes in once a week or fortnight to give your place a dust and vacuum, our cleaners are trained in high attention to detail cleaning specifically for the purpose of getting a bond deposit back from a real estate property manager.

Everyday thousands of Melbournians move house and 8 out 10 people prefer to hire a professional end of lease cleaning service rather than do the cleaning themselves and risk not getting their full bond deposit back.

Bond back cleaning requires a lot of elbow grease, stamina and an ability to cope with horrible smells, lots of dirt, grime, mould and grease. In our experience rental property tenants are among the dirtiest and laziest people in the country, mostly because they don't own the place.

The type of cleaning we do "bond back cleaning" will never ever be matched by a rental property tenant. They will never get on their hands and knees and sweat their bum off to ensure their plaice is spotless. Our cleaners will, or at least they'll do their best.

What you get with us is good old fashioned clean from top to bottom. Elbow grease combined with stamina.

Once we've been through your place to clean it as best we can it's up to you to debate the rest with your rental property manager should for whatever reason they withhold some of your bond.

If you have never or rarely cleaned your rental property (properly that is), then you cannot expect a poor old cleaner to turn up for a few hours like a genie out of a bottle and perform miracles.

Get real.... 

Our cleaners work hard, do a great job and don't charge you that much for what they actually have to do.

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Our core services include:

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